Two Hungarian films’ success in the US
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 26, 2020

Both productions have been acknowledged recently: one was made by Hungarian director and TV presenter Attila Till, while the other one is the work of a high school student.

If you like watching Hungarian films, you might have seen Attila Till’s Kills on Wheels. This movie tells the story of two young men with disabilities who end up helping a paraplegic assassin. The film has impressed a lot of movie fans, critics and other filmmakers – among others, it has touched Noah Wyle so deeply that they will make a limited-series adaptation of it, in association with Warner Bros TV.

Hungarian high school student, Kristóf Lendvai’s 38 minute-long short film Halfway (Félúton) won the prize for the best high school film at Oklahoma’s Red Dirt Film Festival. It tells the story of an adolescent boy who runs away from home after finding out that his parents intend to divorce.

Congratulations to both films’ success.

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