Hungarian National Gallery and Museum of Fine Arts reopens
Posted by Budnews · Jun 15, 2020

Several museums in Budapest will reopen in the second half of June.

We have developed a serious lack of culture in recent months, so we were very pleased that the Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts will reopen in the second half of June after three months of forced closure. This means that we can see all the permanent exhibitions of these institutes:

National Gallery has:

  • Gothic Art in the Hungarian Kingdom, 1300–1500 exhibition
  • Late Gothic Winged Altarpieces exhibition
  • Art in the 19th Century exhibition
  • From Delacroix to Vasarely exhibition
  • Nude Sculptures from the Turn of the Century exhibition
  • Variations on Realism – From Munkácsy to Mednyánszky exhibition
  • Modern Times – Hungarian Art Between 1896 and World War II exhibition
  • Shifts – Hungarian Art After 1945 exhibition

Museum of Fine Arts showcases:

  • Ancient Egypt exhibition
  • Classical Antiquity exhibition
  • European Art 1250-1600 exhibition
  • European Sculpture 1350-1800 exhibition
  • Art in Hungary 1600-1800 exhibition

And if you’re here, don't miss out the renewed Romanesque Hall and Renaissance Hall which are simply mesmerizing!

Larger events cannot be organized yet, but small guided tours will start soon, so get ready!

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