The craziest Hungarian superstitions
Posted by Budnews · Jun 22, 2020

Spilled salt, shoes on the table, empty wallet. We'll show you what it means!

Everyone is a little superstitious, whether they admit it or not. This is most evident when we look for an explanation for something and cannot find a rational answer to it. We have now gathered the most common and crazy Hungarian superstitions.

  • If the door does not open inwards but opens onto the street, bad luck will hit the house.
  • New shoes should not be left on the table because it brings bad luck.
  • It is believed that if someone sees a chimney sweep, they should grab their button, and if they wish something, it will be fulfilled.
  • If a picture falls off the wall, someone from family or friends will get sick or die. If the glass of the picture is also broken, we may be even more unlucky.
  • The four-leaf clover protects you from discomfort. Whoever finds such a clover will be fortunate.
  • A horseshoe placed over the door brings good luck to the people of the house and protects them from trouble and disease. A horseshoe posted in the bedroom drives away nightmarish dreams.
  • The open ladder forms a triangle and brings bad luck to anyone who walks under it unless you cross your fingers in the meantime.
  • A black cat running across the road in front of us from right to left means good luck, if the other way around, it is misfortune.
  • Giving someone an empty wallet means the giver will never be rich. Always have a coin in our wallet, and we will not be poor.
  • Spiders brings good luck. It is believed that when a spider descends on a human, a guest comes or money comes to the house.
  • Accidentally spilled salt causes annoyance or minor quarrel. These can be avoided by throwing a pinch of salt over your left shoulder.
  • If someone’s right eye twitches, there will soon be a child blessing in their family, and if the left eye twitches, there will be death. The itching of the left eye is a pleasure and the right eye is a grief.
  • If you break a plate that wasn’t cracked before, you could be in bad luck.
  • If someone's left palm is itchy, it means money for the house, but if it is right, that person will spend money.
  • If we accidentally drop an egg and it breaks, we hear good news, if it gets intact or just cracks, bad news is expected.
  • In Hungarian folklore, luck avoids the house for 7 years in which a mirror was shattered. It matters a lot, who breaks the mirror, because they won’t get married for seven years. However, if the mirror shards are collected and buried in moonlight, bad luck will avoid them.

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