Beatles Weekend is coming up
Posted by Mia Balogh · Oct 4, 2019

A very special event is taking place in Hungary very soon – ready, steady, “here comes the Sun”.

The music of The Beatles is considered as iconic and is very popular even nowadays, decades after the active years of the band together. So it is not a wonder that a Beatles Weekend is being organized in Budapest, with programs like a joint concert by the world’s number one John Lennon performer, Jay Goeppner and a well-known Hungarian Beathes tribute band, the Blackbirds, and of course with other performers and programs.

According to , contemporary records, specialities, and original Beatles souvenirs can be purchased and some "Beatles hot chocolate" will be also available.

The event will take place in Analog Music Hall on 5 October and on the following day, it will move to Hard Rock Café.

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