Musical Budapest, the biggest musical event of the city is coming
Posted by Budnews · Jun 30, 2020

We can enjoy 200 free mini concerts in different parts of the city during the summer.

Musical Budapest (in Hungarian: Zenélő Budapest) starts its sixth season in July, bringing the most beautiful outdoor venues and historical spaces of our city to life with the magic of music. Over the years, Zenélő Budapest event series has become an almost essential part of the summer life of the capital. This year, nearly 200 mini-concerts will be held at eight popular venues in Budapest, such as the Margaret Island Music Fountain, the Kunsthalle, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Castle Garden Bazaar’s Gloriette, the courtyard of the Foundry at Buda Castle, the Savoyum Terrace in front of the National Gallery, the National Museum and the terrace of the Hegyvidéki Cultural Salon.

Unique chamber music ensembles have been made for each venue, specially composed for this occasion, which are perfectly adapted to the past and historicity of the given building. Classics in jazz, a saxophone quartet, a concert reminiscent of a swing era, harpsichord brass players, a female string quartet, Transylvanian folk music and woodwinds are also included in the diverse repertoire. In the chamber music programs we can hear the works of such world-famous composers as Vivaldi, Mozart, Schubert, Rossini, Liszt, Erkel, Tchaikovsky, Bizet. The performing artists are members of the most prestigious orchestras and ensembles of Hungary, soloists, as well as young talents, who also have the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Zenélő Budapest program series is a unique initiative in the world, because such a comprehensive series of free outdoor music programs cannot be found in any other major city. But in Budapest, the audience can enjoy 20 minutes of free mini live music concerts at beautiful outdoor venues during July and August. Can’t wait to see! Check out the detailed program here.

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