St Patrick's Day Parade
Posted by Bálint Gábor Dömök · Mar 18, 2014

Certainly they won't make the river green coloured like they do in Chicago, but on the 16th of March in downtown Budapest the mood will be more Irish then ever. Join us at a classic Irish event in a classic Eastern European city, see some beautiful sights of the town, fill your soul with the fresh breeze of early spring and have some pure green fun!

If you're not so familiar with St Patrick's Day events let us instruct you a little: millions of people in the cities of the World are drinking green beer, eating green stuff, wearing green clothes, driving green cars, dancing on green floats and probably they even make the sky green above their green heads.

Actually it was a grand Irish national and religious holiday, the celebration of one of the most important patron saint of Ireland, but it's not that simple anymore. It became an even bigger international event with Irish roots. Chicago, New York, Dublin, Budapest or Buenos Aires: doesn't matter. It's a great outdoor party celebrating the upcoming spring and probably the best occasion for everyone to find the Irish side of their soul.

Of course, fine food, good old Irish beer and whiskey are waiting for you to taste them. After some strong but mild flavoured traditional Irish whiskey, trust us, you will be hungry. Eat some delicious boxty (Irish potato pancakes) and Irish stew, but don't forget to leave room to Arthur Guinness' finest!

After some of the best Irish beers you've drunk in reason, don't forget to join the games where you can win prizes!

If Irish music and dances couldn't pep things up, what could? Yes, nothing. The real spring is right on the corner so why would you stay home? Join a stirring carnival with a waving crowd with green hats on their head, let go some green balloons, let the artists paint your face to green, dance to the pleasing music and don't forget your smile home! We will be there!

Get-together: between 12:30 and 2:00 pm at Szabadság tér

Start: 2:00 pm

Afterparty: INSTANT, Nagymező st. 38.

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