Perfume star to Vienna
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Mar 24, 2015

We send „Wars for Nothing” by Boggie (Boglárka Csemer) to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

She is the girl whose song “Perfume” led the Hungarian charts for months last year. And maybe even you have already met the French version of this song, because they made two video clips for this song campaigning for natural beauty. And Boggie still sings about important topics: now she entered the Hungarian pre-selection of Eurovision Song Contest with an anti-war song, and of course she won. But this is not the first contest success of the young singer: she has appeared in the Hungarian Star Is Born, “Csillag Születik” in 2011.

Boggie began studying music at the age of 13, first classical singing and classical piano, then continued with jazz singing in high school. Her professional career began in 2009 when she founded the Csemer Boglárka Quartet (CSBQ), and started to work on the first album in 2012. At the same time CSBQ was transformed into Boggie, although the band (whose members are Boglárka Csemer - vocals, Áron Sebestyén - keyboards, Mihály Simkó-Várnagy - electric cello, bass, Tamás Szabó - drums) is still active.

Boggie recorded two albums so far, "Boggie" in April 2013 (“Perfume” can be heard on this one, both in Hungarian and French) and "All Is One Is All" in October last year. This year, she won the Hungarian pre-selection of the sixtieth Eurovision Song Contest, so she has the right to travel to Austria this May. We can’t vote for her song but keep our fingers crossed, but if you like her as much as we do, you know what you have to do on May 19 and 23.

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