French feeling in the Buda Castle district: this is Corvin Gastropub
Posted by Budnews · Oct 29, 2019

French cuisine has been cool for decades, but only a few places do it really well. We know a small place in Buda, where they do!

What comes to your mind, when you hear about the french cuisine? Cheese, baguette, or croissants? Well, Corvin Gastropub managed to surpass that idea. The city's newest place, Corvin Gastropub opened three months ago below the Buda castle, along the Fő utca, opposite the peaceful Corvin Square. Strictly speaking, it's not a French restaurant, but very much an international bistro based on French cuisine – and one of the best of the city.

As for the menu: being a bistro, the menu is too long, but unique and it's planned to be changed in every three months, of course, according to seasonality. There is a weekly lunch menu (3 courses 2800 HUF, 2 courses 2300 HUF), which includes more Hungarian flavors not typical on the menu. There is also a separate bar menu, where you can find creams, ham and mini burgers and even shrimp with cognac mayonnaise dip and crunchy kapia pepper. The menu currently has late summer, early fall offerings, like beetroot risotto, mullet, or dessert like vanilla mascarpone cream stuffed into a sponge cake baked with fresh basil.

They have a very good drink list as well: 10 beers on tap, 6 of which will be a constant supply, while the other 4 will have temporary offering. Beside Hungarian craft beers, Czech and German beers are also kept, and they are the only one in the country who have a Belgian specialty prepared by a Belgian-Hungarian couple in Bastogne. There are 40 different wines to choose from, and they also have whiskeys and gins on the drink list, so it's 100% sure that no one will be thirsty here.

All in all, the Corvin Gastropub is a very pleasant place with a well thought-out food and drink list, which is proven by the fact that not only tourists but also local people come here frequently despite its tourist friendly location.

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