Hungarian Dobos cake became a Hungarikum
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 11, 2019

Now Dobos cake is officially much more than just a delicious dessert, it became a cultural treasure of Hungary.

It would be quite difficult, maybe even impossible to find the best dessert of Hungary, or the most well-known one, because everybody is different, we all like different cakes, tartes, etc. But some sweets have been in demand for a long time already: Hungarians and tourists from foreign countries enjoy these, as well.

Dobos cake, a dessert introduced 134 years ago by József Dobos, is a cake like this, popular and of course quite tasty.

So it is maybe not a wonder, that at the meeting of the Collection of Hungarikum, the Dobos cake was finally made an official Hungarikum. A Hungarikum is a treasure of the Hungarian culture, now there are 71 elements on the list of the Hungarikums.

Have you ever tried Dobos cake? If you have, you already know why we say this. If not yet, believe us, it is worth it. ;)

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