12 side effects of living in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 9, 2017

According to an expat girl, you can expect all this in the Hungarian capital – her compilation is very funny, we must share this with you.

1. You’ll eat snails. She means not the animal, but rather the Hungarian pastry called ‘csiga’ (meaning snail) due to its curvy appearance. Have you ever tasted pizza csiga or chocolate csiga?

2. In Hungary, we know the recipe of the perfect lemonade, made of sparkling water, homemade flavoured syrups and lots of fruits - it is available in different flavours.

3. You will always have exact change because cashiers will ask for it, and yes, you’ll be asked for it multiple times (they won’t believe you). And if you really don’t have that 20 forint coin, you will be the most hated person in line.

4. You aren’t comfortable with small talk? You will love Budapest then. The expat girl writes that Hungarians don’t really like indulging in small talk. “You quickly learn to stick to the hi’s and bye’s and be content in silence” – she adds.

5. You will either forget about fashion or you develop your own style. “Style is individual and not very important, and clothes are mostly practical, especially in the colder months. The upside: you can basically wear whatever you want and not worry about what anyone else thinks!” – she writes.

6. You will learn to love and expect all four seasons, because in Budapest, we still get a bit of everything: frosty winters, floral springs, sultry summers, and colorful autumns.

7. Going to the doctor in Budapest includes that you disrobe right in front of them… and the nurse, and maybe even the receptionist, too. “Privacy means something totally different here. I suppose all the days soaking in thermal baths next to strangers changes your perspective a bit” – she adds.

8. You will find out about the secret Hungarian Sea. Of course there is no sea in Hungary but Lake Balaton is referred to like this because it is the largest lake in Central Europe.

9. And put paprika on everything. Literally.

10. You will become an architecture snob. There are still a couple of buildings from the communist-era in the city but “you can still find every possible architectural style, front Roman ruins to Gothic Revival, to Art Nouveau” – she says.

11. And become better at balancing than a yogi, thanks to the drivers of any vehicle of the public transport.

12. You’ll become a fan of water sports. “Hungary is all about water polo. Hungarians are exceptionally good at the sport. So good, in fact, that they are the world leaders” – she says, by adding that everyone will go for a match sooner or later and might become a fan of this sport.

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