Furla’s second shop in Budapest
Posted by Réka Szentesi · Jul 24, 2014

„Creativity speaks Italian” – says the slogen of Furla and we could not agree more.

Furla opened its second store in Budapest last week, in Mom Park. Imposing interior, far-reaching elegance and a wonderful 2014 pre-fall collection, this is Furla’s brand new store.

Every five years, Furla makes a huge step forward in our city. First shop in Budapest opened in 2004 in the heart of the city and ever since that moment, their popularity grew and grew. In 2009 Furla moved to one of the noblest places of Fashion Street and now they opened a new shop on the Buda side.

photo: MOM Park

Drawing inspiration from the architectural details of the beautifully restored 18th century Villa in Bologna, the new Furla store interiors interpret Italian lifestyle in a contemporary way, combining creative spirit, cultured design and timeless elegance for a superior customer experience. Here, once again, “Creativity speaks Italian” through the Villa’s historical elements, such as the architraves of the doors and the frames of the walls and ceilings, masterly transformed into a retailing concept which conveys the collection’s mood in a more luxurious, refined and intimate setting. Spaces are imbued with natural nuances and pastel tones, accented with soft and warm lighting, forged from quality materials such as rosewood and Italian travertine marble, opalescent glass and brass finishing. Moreover, underscoring the deep bond between Furla and the world of art, graphic details include abstract and geometric sculptural elements that seamlessly integrate with components from the original architecture.

photos: MOM Park

The pre-fall collection consists of two main categories: Sugar Rush is built around a palette of 'sugary' colors and the tactile appeal of plastic and polished materials, inspired by the playful femininity and hyper-chic of the contemporary woman; while Bon Ton is a glossy and intriguing escalation creating a neo-elegant image worthy of a film noir seductress.

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