Three Hungarian collections to die for
Posted by Réka Szentesi · Aug 28, 2014

Hungarian fashion designers have it all. This season’s collections prove it with no surprise. Let’s have a sneak peek into our favorite collections and campaigns.



Since the existence of the brand, it has been known for its sophisticated atmosphere, harmonic, clear lines and elegant fabrics. The Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection perfectly suits into this world of ÁERON. Simple lines, beautiful soft colors, luxurious materials unite in a sweet harmony, giving the collection an essential, elegant, but still very modern look.

Photos by István Lábady/ÁERON


Nubu’s slogan, the contemporary you is perfect to draw up the brand’s style: very modern, but still close to you and your needs. An ultimate urban style with the touch of minimalism rules the fall collection, which is based on a game of geometric lines.

A separate winter collection has been introduced this season by Nubu. The winter collection, which is inspired by the kinetic world of the perpetuum mobile continues to use the geometric forms mentioned above. It is a contemporary urban-chic collection which is though minimalist and modern, but still elegant and womanly because of its clear lines.

Photos by Máté Balázs @ Flashback Photo Studio/Nubu


A playful and colorful collection has been introduced for this season by Dóri Tomcsányi. High quality fabrics and vivid colors are what we love about this collection. Youthful and sporty pieces rule the collection. Nevertheless the minimalist cuts and colors or the extraordinary fits, the goal is to always create not only exciting looks, but also ones that are comfortable and feminine. The minimalist silhouettes, clean lines and many times "oversized" looks describe the brand.

Photos by Mate Moro/ dori tomcsanyi

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