Design, creativity, uniqueness: welcome to wonderLAB
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 1, 2015

Enjoy a nice afternoon in the concept store, which offers you fashion stuff from more than 30 Hungarian designers. You will feel like Alice – in wonderLAB.

Imagine a modern clothes and jewellery shop, where you can find more than 30 Hungarian designer’s products, and where you can buy the chosen items for a much friendly “designer price” instead of spending irrational sums for some goods.

But before shopping, you can enjoy trying on all the things, chatting with the staff, who are professionals, and help you in everything, and of course the creativity and uniqueness, that overflows from every square meters of the store.


This place is not a dream, it exists in Budapest, in the 5th district, Veres Pálné street 3. It is called wonderLAB – you will remember it from Wonderland, and you will feel like being there, we can assure you about that – and it is a concept store and designers community with more than 30 Hungarian designers.


They have dreamt up a place, which would be just like an incubator for designers. Their motto is „TOGETHER IT’S EASIER”, referring to the costs of opening a new concept store or hiring a place for a new shop – the majority of young designers couldn’t afford it alone in the first years of their career.

In wonderLAB, they have the possibility to present and sell their products, and they can meet the customers opened for design, and to talk to them a little bit about their clothes or jewellery, as well.


Wide range of products can be found at WonderLAB, which are available for a reasonable designer price. Customers can choose from men's clothes, items for women, shoes and bags, home decor and thousands of accessories – even dog gear.

Among the talented designers presenting and selling their creations here, you can find for example INQ concept, Zwana modular jewellery, By Asy clothing, Zosha Works jewellery, Kag bags, Evetke clothing, Delacier jewellery, TRAS clothes, accessories and jewellery. One of our favourites here is Gabo Szerencses, who designs ready-to-wear clothes and leather accessories.

Without any doubt the designers of the Hungarian concept store are the near future’s big hits, so it is worth checking out their stuff in wonderLAB.

Did you know?

The newest items you can buy in the shop are the beautiful, colourful purses from Jurekka.

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