Hévíz: the perfect place to launch the beach season
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Mar 16, 2016

Beach season is coming, but until we reach the optimal 25-30 degrees, let us introduce our favorite - and Europe's largest - thermal water lake: Lake of Hévíz.

Hévíz is always wonderful: it’s an incredible feeling to bathe in the naturally warm water when the air is less than 5-10 degrees in winter; and it is during summer (although it’s not so refreshing) with the beautiful water lilies that spice up the experience. But I think the ideal time to visit Europe's largest thermal water lake is spring: as the air gets warmer, the water does the same, but at this time, heath is not disturbing yet. In summer the water temperature is 33-35 °C, but on very hot days it can reach 36-38 °C as well. In autumn and winter the temperature is lower, about 24-26 °C. The 1.5-2 meters wide vapor layer that floats above the lake prevents water from cooling down and provides even temperature.

The curative effect of the thermal lake was probably already known to the Romans, the first bath houses on rafts were built in 1772. The maximum depth of the lake is 38 meters. The thermal water contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and a bit of radon. Its specialty is enhanced by the unique natural scenery, which welcomes the visitor: the sparkling water in the middle of the park, and Indian red lilies, which can be found everywhere in the pond.

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