Kenguru: the cruiser. Mobility for the disabled people
Posted by Réka Szentesi · Apr 14, 2014

 A special car that has been developed for the disabled is now under amelioration. The car called Kenguru is a Hungarian invention and its idea is said to be over ten years old now.

The reason it is all over the news only now is that back then they have not found any investors.In 2010 however, American lawyer, Stacy Zoern, who is disabled herself since a muscular dystrophy, met the idea of Kenguru over the internet and she realized, this was exactly what she needed. Thus, she immediately searched contact to the designer and invited Mr. Kissároslaki, the car’s inventor to Austin, USA in order to find investors to his brilliant idea. They have been proven successful since the investor company announced this January that production is going to start next year. Reservations can be made from now for the first models, which will be available in about a year, or year and a half, the price is 25 thousand USD.

Kenguru is warmly welcomed all around the world. This small electric car has no seats inside, the driver can use it while sitting in his wheelchair. The Kenguru can speed up to 40-45 km/h and can run for about 100 kilometers with one charge. The accumulator needs 4-6 hours to recharge. It is small enough to park perpendicular to the sidewalk (2 meters long and only 1,5 meters high, which is smaller than a Smart), and its back door can be easily opened with a remote control. When the door opens up, a ramp opens down this makes it safe and easy to get off the car with the wheelchair. Kenguru’s greatest benefit is undoubtedly the independence it is able to give. Since it works with electricity and LED lamps, the maintenance is cheap and it is absolutely eco-friendly. Watch this short video below in order to find out more about the usage of the Kenguru.

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