What does Budapest mean to you?
Posted by Mia Balogh · Sep 2, 2016

The Hungarian capital easily steals the heart of anyone, from tourists to locals, or from average people to public figures.

Budapest is my absolute favorite city. I’ve always wanted to live here, even if I like and appreciate the countryside where I grew up, as well. So I was really excited and a little bit moved, too, when I saw the following video in the cinema a couple of days ago.

You know, in Hungary, there are always some trailers and ads before you can finally enjoy the film you have bought a ticket for and I usually find these unnecessary but now I’ve seen an exception – this video.

It presents us the beauties of Budapest – the Parliament, Bálna, Buda Castle, tram 41, St. Stephen’s Basilica, cafés, baths, fountains, etc – in a little less than two minutes. We can see a couple of people in the video, and I’ve discovered some Hungarian public figures among them, for example Zséda and Magdolna Rúzsa (singers), Armand Kautzky (actor), Attila Till and Péter Novák (presenters), Panni Epres (model) and Tibor Benedek (the Hungarian water polo team’s coach). They feel the same as I do: we all love Budapest and we are glad to live here, and to be here - in the best sense of the word. ;)

You can watch the video here:


What does Budapest mean to you? Write us in a comment! ;)

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