What tourists shouldn’t do in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 20, 2017

We have already given you so many tips what to do in Budapest – now it is worth reading what you shouldn’t do here, according to Matador.com.

1, Keep your body liquids inside

It is not sexy to pee and puke in the street, and the next morning, the rest of your body liquids can be quite annoying for locals living for example in the 7th district of the city. So we suggest you to try avoid these ‘catastrophes’ by not drinking the last beer or pálinka, or if you have already done this, hurry to the next bar’s toilet.

2, Locals don’t want to participate anyone’s stag party

Citizens of Budapest are bored and sometimes pissed by the so many – and so noisy – stag parties. We usually don’t want to participate in these games and the answer is still no if you ask us once again, or if you ask louder.

3, Keep your shirt on!

‘You wouldn’t show up topless in a restaurant at home, would you? So please don’t do it in our home. If you are Chris Hemsworth or his lookalike, though, we can make an exception’ – Matador.com’s journalist writes.

4, Budapest is not a brothel

If you meet someone in a bar, and there is mutual interest in having some fun, then just go for it. It is totally alright, like almost anywhere else in the world. But it is not okay to be rude and mannerless with girls, locals or tourists.

5, Above your new favorite bar, there is someone’s bedroom

Budapest’s 7th district is famous for its hundreds of bars and ruin pubs and we all might forget – especially after a few drinks – that there is someone’s apartment and bedroom above these bars and pubs. So please, reconsider the volume of singing and ‘talking’ in the streets at night.

6, Budapest is not only a party city

With several thousand years of turbulent history and having been home to countless world-class composers, writers, scientists, and inventors, Budapest is not just a place to drink beer, but also to drown in culture and history. You should not miss out on the opportunity to explore it! You can participate so many programs, or just walk down the streets and stare at the beautiful architecture of those wonderful historic buildings. You will like it for sure!

Source: https://matadornetwork.com/life/dear-travelers-budapest-dont-come-understood-6-things/

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