Statement jewelry
Posted by Réka Szentesi · Apr 21, 2014

Ildikó Czok has not always been a jewelry designer. It took her years to realize: this is what she really loves to do. And we can tell, she’s really good at it.

Her jewels are not based on ever-changing fashion trends, but represent an eternal style and they definitely give you more than simple fashion accessories. They are weighty and unusual items that can easily communicate your style towards the world. English language has the best word for that kind: statement jewelry. They clearly state the wearer’s braveness, but yet they are very harmonic pieces. The collection we admire is called the “joyellery of light” and is made of Plexiglas and wrapped around with colorful threads. The Plexiglas is shaped to your neck after being heated up a little to make sure they fit your neck perfectly. This is how the same model can be made to suit a variety of neck sizes from S to XL. Ildi is a lover of colors, which is easy to see when looking at her inspiration photos. As the designers explains: “I have been long captivated by the meeting of yarn textures, so this time I tried to show on a larger area the excitement and the magnificence of the different ways in which light reflects from their surface. My enchantment eventually gave rise to this collection of geometric jewelry, or the joyellery of light.”

These are not the only jewelry Ildi designs. Her collections also include other styles made of threads, pearls and glass pearls, bracelets and headdresses as well as necklaces. She also designs bridal jewelry for the braves, as she formulates.

For further information visit the designer’s website at

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