Body exhibition comes to Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 18, 2018

With more than 200 items on display, Body exhibition will help us understand the human body a little bit better. Interesting or disturbing? We give some more details, you decide.  

If you follow the news about the most important exhibitions in Budapest, you might know that the internationally-reputed Body exhibition comes to Budapest and can be visited between 15 February and July 2018.

The exhibit will be something extraordinary, concerning also its size: by presenting more than 200 items on display in an area of 2,200 square meters, the exhibition will be unique in the whole continent.

Some guests are already waiting for the Body because we can know more about all that happens under the skin, in the body. Therefore, the operation of the human body becomes more understandable to everyone. We can see the human skeleton along with the muscles, the respiratory system and the blood circulation.

Some parts of the display might be disturbing or even shocking to the visitors since they can see for example the liver of a person suffering from cancer or how the blackened lungs of a smoker look like. Yes, it can absolutely be a tough experience, but it helps to see the consequences of the unhealthy lifestyle a lot of us follow.

The exhibition, which focuses on prevention and the importance of everyday physical activity can be seen from 15 February to July 2018 at KOMPLEX, 26 Király Street.

A really informative exhibition

According to the press release we got, several 3D animations will be placed in the exhibition area to understand more how our body works. Besides, medical students will answer our questions in every room and we can also learn how to perform CPR correctly. For school groups, guided tours are also provided. And one more interesting information: there will be a section called ‘Hungarians in the Medical Science’ which pays tribute to Hungarian scientists. So we recommend you to take your time and to spend a couple of hours inside.

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