Europe’s first smartphone-controlled hotel opens in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 21, 2018

The hotel where you can control everything from your smartphone is not just a dream anymore – there is a hotel in Budapest, the KViHotel, where the future has already begun.

Four stars, 40 rooms and no need for the “good old paperwork” by checking in at the reception. We could introduce KViHotel like this in one sentence. The hotel, opened recently in the 7th district of Budapest, is a quite modern edifice: you can manage and control everything by using your smartphone in there.

There is a mobile application called TMRW Hotels helping you from the check-in till the check out. You don’t even need a keycard to open the door of your room, because you can it with your phone. Quite futuristic, isn’t it? ;) KViHotel is the first accommodation in Europe where this is already a reality.

And that’s not all. By using the app, guests can manage the temperature settings, cab ordering and many more services including cleaning or breakfast. They can also have a ‘do not disturb’ request. Payments happen through the app, as well, so guests can monitor their bills and the check-out procedure will also be shortened.

The application is on test run now, but once it is complete at KViHotel, the company will make the app available for licensing and develop versions of it for other accommodations. A maintenance app (TMRW HK) is also being developed. It will help plan the cleaning, dining and maintenance works of the hotels.

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You can watch a 1-minute video about the hotel here:

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