The most popular exhibition is here again: Bodies 2.0 opens its doors in February
Posted by Budnews · Feb 11, 2020

The exhibition entitled „The Universe Inside Us” reveals the secrets of our bodies.

We probably don't need to say much about Bodies exhibition: this is the special and somewhat creepy exhibition where we can get to know ourselves through real human bodies. The scientific and educational exhibition presents about 200 prepared organs and whole bodies, all of which have been preserved for posterity by a so-called "plastification" procedure. This means that instead of displaying imitations, Bodies 2.0 exhibits real, once-lived human bodies and organs, giving visitors a first-hand look at what is usually the "privilege" of doctors and scientists.

The exhibition gives us insight underneath our skin, exploring the structure and complexity of our own body. Thanks to the special procedure, the bodies can be prepared intact, even the finest, most fragile tissues, even at the microscopic level retain their exact original shape, making them a true medical specialty.

At Bodies 2.0 we can get to know our entire body, all our muscles, our organs, and learn about them with the help of a multilingual mobile app. The exhibition, though conceptually is identical to the previous two exhibitions, deserves the title of 2.0: new, unique, special, and exceptional preparations will be shown that have never been shown before. Tickets and more information here.

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