Puskás Arena became the Stadium of the Year
Posted by Budnews · Mar 30, 2020

Puskás Arena got the half of the votes in the final voting in the 2019 Stadium of the Year competition.

Puskás Arena in Budapest received a huge recognition: it won the „the Stadium of the Year” title in a competition organized by the stadiumdb.com football website. Based on the competition announcement, voters were able to select the top five out of 19 facilities in 19 countries. According to the report, 30,632 votes were received from 107 countries of the world, and almost half of them, 14,955 votes were received by the Puskás Arena. According to the announcement, the facility, which was inaugurated on November 15th last year, has received votes from around the world, including Indonesia, Argentina, Poland, Great Britain, the United States and the Philippines.

Only those arenas of the world could competed that were handed over last year and can accommodate at least 10,000 spectators. Besides the Puskás Arena, the MOL Arena in Dunajská Streda was also on the list and the organizers reminded everyone: last year the professional jury selected the Hungarian DVTK arena as the most beautiful of the year.

One more interesting fact about this building: the award-winning Puskás Arena will be one of the venues of the European Football Championship, which has been postponed from summer to next year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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