Discover the beer bike
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jul 3, 2014

Sights, beer and bikes: drinking sightseeing tours around Budapest.

Budapest is loud from the newest and coolest drinking tour ever. The „Beers on Wheels” is actually a pedal-powered mobile pub, which attracts more and more alcohol-friendly tourist to a little drunk sightseeing. The basic idea is very simple, but brilliant: people like to drink, and tourists would like to see the city: Why couldn’t we do this all at once? These mobile pubs present the city's most beautiful sights while the passengers have fresh draft beer to sip during the looking around.

The Beers on Wheels offers two-hour sightseeing tours for groups up to 18 people. The vehicles are equipped with: 30 liter barrel filled with light Dreher beer, a beautiful barmaid who serves the beer, three benches with ten pairs of pedals, and a sober driver, who devotes all his attention to traffic. The beer bike has its own sound system, so everyone can bring and listen to their own music during the sightseeing. After dark, journeys are lighted up by blue party lights. And as a bonus, the organizers provide all customers a short movie containing highlights from the journey which they record with go-pro cameras.


To mention the beer bike- available attractions: the tour starts from Nagymező street, the Broadway of Pest, passes through the Andrássy Avenue, reaches the Heroes' Square, passes before the Műcsarnok and the Museum of Fine Arts then turns back to Andrássy Avenue. Thereafter comes the hardest part of the tour: the Oktogon, one of the busiest intersections of Pest with many cars and trams. And finally, the team arrives at the party-zone of the Király Street.

The program creators thought of everything. Bearing in mind the physiological effects of beer, toilette breaks are also a part of the tour. And the best: before departure the passengers can customize the board located on the side of the vehicle, which is the perfect solution to put the star of the evening in focus. If you took a liking to hydrate yourself with ice-cold premium beer while you get a sip of some of the most famous sights of Budapest, visit and book your unforgettable trip.

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