New silence regulation came into force in the party district
Posted by Budnews · Sep 9, 2020

These are the new rules in the entertainment district of Budapest.

Local government of the 7th district of Budapest has implemented very serious rules in the past few weeks. It has long been a problem in the district that the area is almost uninhabitable because of the locals and tourists who have fun here: a lot of people have moved out of the area in recent years due to the daily partying that lasts until dawn. But from midnight on August 26, only restaurants and entertainment venues that meet the strict criteria system can be open after midnight.

The recently adopted decree puts an end to this “golden age”: from now on, strict rules regulates which places can be open between midnight and 6 am in the area bounded by Király utca – Erzsébet körút – Rákóczi út – Károly körút.

These expectations include the incorporation of a power control device (limiter) into the sound system; ensure that guests do not take the spirits out into the street; no packaging or freight transport is carried out between ten o'clock in the evening and eight o'clock in the morning; places should make their toilets accessible to everyone after midnight, not just guests; the pavement in front of them have to be cleaned daily with a high-pressure cleaner; they have to employ a separate person to keep order among the guests; eliminate disposable plastic cups and provide a reusable cup with their own logo instead; enter into a separate waste shipment contract; and if that weren’t enough, special doors have to be installed depending on the capacity: a photocell or automatic door is installed under 100 people, a sluice entry and exit system is installed above 100 people, and even a traffic counter is necessary above 150 people.

There are about 400 restaurants and bars in the affected area, about a third of which, 138 have applied for extended opening hours after midnight by the given deadline. 109 of these have been licensed so far, and it seems we don’t have to say goodbye to the prominent party venues. Affordable places like „Ördögkatlan”, „4-es, 6-os”, „Gong brasseries”, „Kakas”, and high-capacity nightclubs and ruin pubs such as „Ellátóház”, „Szimplakert”, „Füge udvar”, „Udvarrom”, „Doboz”, „Fogas-Instant-Robot” komplex or „Cat Club” can still be open after midnight.

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