Hungarian glowing bike lane is a must-see
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 6, 2020


Have you ever dreamed of cycling in an enchanted countryside? Here is a bike path which can give you this impression, we suppose. 


We have just read about a sparkling initiative: part of the EuroVelo6 cycle route near Esztergom, by the Danube is illuminated in a special way. The track is fluorescent, thanks to some special particles which were added to the bike lane’s building material. So in the end, this bike path can absorb and restore the sunlight during the day, and reflect it back in the dark.

It is not only safe but provides also a fantastic experience – riding your bike on a bike lane like this could be like cycling in an enchanted countryside, or in a fairy tale, right? ;)


This is a pilot project, but according to Magyar Közút, this technology can hopefully be used elsewhere, too, in the future. ‘We received a lot of positive feedback from cyclists riding on these sections. We are very confident that this pilot project will work well in the long run and we will be able to use it in other locations, as well’ – WeLoveBudapest cites them.


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