Budapest’s iconic lions return!
Posted by Peti · Nov 10, 2022

The most well-known bridge in Hungary’s capital sees its statues returned.

Tourists visiting Budapest for the last year must have felt disappointed when they saw one of the
Hungarian capital’s landmarks, the iconic Chain Bridge closed down for much needed renovation in the
spring of 2021.
The oldest stone bridge of Hungary was built between 1840 and 1849, however it was last renovated
some 33 years ago. The construction is still ongoing as the works will be completed in 2023, however,
cars and buses can probably return to the bridge in December, but pedestrians will have to wait until
next year to cross over the Danube on the Chain Bridge.
A big milestone of the renovation was completed by mid-October: two of the four iconic lion statues
guarding the bridge (2 on each side) were returned on the 18th of October. The two feline statues were
delivered to the Buda side and lifted back to their pedestals by cranes. The lions were removed in 3
pieces, so once back in place, skilled conservators will be tasked to put them together again.
Budapest’s traffic company BKK posted a video on their Facebook page the day the lions returned to
their rightful place in Budapest as well as the heart of Hungarians.

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