Breaking news: Thirty Seconds To Mars comes to Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Nov 16, 2018

Jared Leto’s band arrives to Budapest Park next summer!

Thirty Seconds To Mars has conquered several times the main stages of Hungarian festivals, yet, next year will be truly unique for all fans. This will be the first time they arrive for a „solo” concert, not in the framework of a festival. The story of the band started in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, as a collaboration between brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto, who had been playing music together since their childhood. Jared Leto and his brother decided on the name the band Thirty Seconds to Mars because they wanted a name that describes the sound of their music, which they labeled as urgent and cinematic. Although Thirty Seconds to Mars is generally described as an alternative rock band, their music is inspired by all styles of music and contains elements of experimental music as well as themes that are often philosophical. Their large atmospheric sound that the band creates often garners comparison to musical acts such as The Cure, Pink Floyd and U2.

The American rock band released their first album in 2002 to limited commercial success, but their second album in 2005 brought worldwide fame to the band. By that time, Jared was already a world-famous movie star, he won Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyer Club just two years earlier.

Jared and Shannon Leto have been searching for new and unique solutions ever since, which latest imprint is their new album released in April this year. On 23 July 2019 we can enjoy the performance live in Budapest Park. Ticket are already on sale!

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