35th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition
Posted by Budnews · Apr 7, 2017

A must-see program if you’re into photography at least a little bit.

If the name wouldn’t be clear enough: the Hungarian Press Photo Competition and Exhibition is designed to showcase the works of our country's best photo-reporters. It’s the celebration of photojournalists and photography. This exhibition holds a mirror to everything that happened to and around us in the previous year. The photos reflect our everyday reality.

It is often said that press photo exhibitions tend to present more depressing, sad, sometimes disturbing pictures. But in the previous year photographers found themes and phenomena, where they could reveal the underlying beauty, humanity, and valor in human relationships. Such is the image series of Attila Balázs, which earned him the Grand Prize of the Association of Hungarian Journalists, and the André Kertész Grand Prize-winner piece of Máté Szekeres, which presents the joint fight of a mother and her daughter for life.

Tourists – people who visit the country for a couple of days - always see a bit part of the entire round. But if you care about the life of people living in a secluded village, without electricity, fighting for their mere existence, or those luckier ones, or the absence of those who have departed, you should definitely visit Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition.

Venue: Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center

Opening date: 28 March – 28 May, 2017

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