Hungarian photographers rock the photo contest
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · May 25, 2016

Hungarian photographers got the first three places on the Pictures of the Year International photo contest.

There is no doubt, Hungarian photographers overcome the whole POYi contest: the Feature picture story – newspaper category is completely ours. Hungarian photographers won all the first three places in this category on the American photo contest. Furthermore, the 3rd placed photos are closely related to Budapest, as they captured the moments of the community gardens of the capital city and the people working in them.

POYi’s (Pictures of the year International) story began in the spring of 1944 in Columbia, Missouri, when the Missouri School of Journalism sponsored its "First Annual Fifty-Print Exhibition" contest. Their purpose from the beginning is "to pay tribute to those press photographers and newspapers which, despite tremendous war-time difficulties, are doing a splendid job; to provide an opportunity for photographers of the nation to meet in open competition; and to compile and preserve a collection of the best in current, home-front press pictures."

All three picture story report a slice of the everyday life in vivid detail:

First Place: László Végh, Magyar Nemzet, "Subcarpathia in the shadow of the Russian – Ukrainian war"

Other photos:

Second Place: Simon Móricz-Sabján, Népszabadság, "Mud country"

Other photos:

Third Place: Márton Kállai, Geomedia, "Community gardens"

Other photos:

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