Public park opens in the middle of the party district
Posted by Budnews · Nov 15, 2016

The district leadership turns a parking lot into a small paradise.

If we are talking about the Dob Street – Király Street area, you probably think of the ruin pubs, bars, Gozsdu court, alcoholic beverages and partying until dawn. And you’re totally right, but next spring that neighborhood starts something unusual, that doesn’t fit into its profile.

There is an ugly, empty block at 37 Dob Street: a small parking lot and a large no man's land between two house. But from next year, this will be the newest, one-acre public park of the seventh district! The city administration decided not to build up a new residential building, or permit a new tavern, but to smuggle a drop of nature into the asphalt-covered heart of downtown. And we love the idea from the bottom of our hearts! The busy central area of Budapest desperately needs every square inch of green surface.

The place we’re talking about became this run-down in the ‘80s, when the block rehabilitation program took place, and the breakdown works were implemented in a very improper and unprofessional way. Therefore many parts of the area were life-threatening for decades, but the inhabitants of the surrounding houses used the area as backyard. And now the local government is moving into this direction with the renovation as well.

The parking lot now

The district reorganized ten thousand square meters this summer and fall, and plans to create the urban park next spring. They excavated the remains of old buildings, the holes were filled, and covered with soil, so everything is ready for the planting. The final plans are not yet on the table, because the local government will consult with the residents and chose the winner plan based on the people’s preference. At the request of inhabitants (who rightly wish, that the park won’t be a busy passage), patrols and camera system will take care of the park, and it will be closed at night.

We are really curious about the final look, because here in Dob Street the opportunity is given to make a green paradise in the center of the seventh district by keeping the old trees. And as we’re talking about the party district, it doesn’t only affect the local people, but the tourists also. So maybe next time you come to our city, there will be another great place to visit…

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