Funny video: ‘Speaking Hungarian’
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 15, 2017

Hungarian is a difficult language but if you are brave enough and try to speak our language, you can have as much fun as the boy and girl in the following video.

More and more people speak English in Hungary, especially in Budapest and in the towns where there are more tourists, but if you like the sounding or the complexity of our language, you might start to learn Hungarian.

Like in the following video, Laura and Tanbay, YouTubers from the Travelling Weasels, who tried to pronounce some easier words like ‘Szia!’ (hi), ‘Kérem’ (please), ‘Finom’ (delicious) and ‘Rendben’ (alright) just like some more complicated words and expressions like ‘Egészségedre!’ (cheers).

They think that ‘Hol van a mosdó’ (where is the bathroom) has a Dutch sounding and ‘barát’ (friend) sounds like Borat (we can even see a photo of Sacha Baron Cohen around 10:50).

Check out their video here – ‘köszi for watching’. ;)

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