The art of football
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jun 12, 2014

Certainly not news to anyone that FIFA World Cup begins today. Just as the fact, that the Hungarian team didn’t make it since time immemorial. However, this doesn’t take away our enthusiasm for football, so we celebrate the World Cup with a special multimedia exhibition, which presents the golden age of Hungarian football in an unprecedented way.

Have you ever wondered how the contemporary sports channels would convey the soccer matches of the 50s? It turns out from this multimedia exhibition, presented via the Hungarian Golden Team's success. (The Golden Team (Aranycsapat) refers to the Hungary national football team of the 1950s.)

The digitally remastered film reels present the emblematic tricks of the biggest stars of the Golden Team in amazing detail. We can observe the skills of Puskás, Kocsis and Hidegkuti from gesture to gesture. Full HD-quality videos and super slow-motion movies have been made from the encounter of phase images and the twenty-first century technology. So the Golden Team’s game gives an experience like we look today’s stars of the World Cup in a premium sports channel. On the one hand this exhibition is a photo technological specialty, on the other hand a professional soccer exhibition.

photo: Lajos Kozák,

“The art of football”, however, not only deals with the Golden Team, but the domestic football success until 1956. It shows the legendary period from the 1910s, describes the causes of success according to professional criteria. A unique attraction is also waiting the visitors: the “Score with Puskás” digital studio, where you can test your skills, and your shot can be immediately upload to Facebook.

But of course, in addition to the flashback, the current World Cup plays a key role: the matches can be followed on giant screens on the spot.

Date: from 12 June to August

Location: Millenáris – Teátrum building (H–1024 Budapest Kis Rókus u. 16–20.)

Ticket: 2.790 HUF

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