Liszt Academy’s image clip won the professional Oscar
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Sep 22, 2015

The 140 year old music institution got its advertising spot in January, and now the creators won one of the most prestigious international awards for it.

The Liszt Academy of Music has been the most prestigious music university operating in Hungary ever since its foundation, but now it drew attention to itself in other area. Because the new image video of the institution won Red Dot Design Award, the Oscar of the international communications industry. Furthermore it’s not the first time: last year the campaign about the Music Academy’s dual identity got similar recognition. The primary target audience of this year's spot is the young and modern consumer group, who may not go to classical music concerts, but are open to new experiences.

The 40-second video clip directed by Dávid Géczy has such big success, that it made it to the BBC and Mezzo TV in spring of 2015.The advertising is the continuation of last year’s "Where the music lives" campaign. It was filmed on December 8, 2014 with the contribution of Zoltán Kocsis and the Symphony Orchestra of Liszt Academy. The recording took place in public, under an unusual concert, so the audience in the movie is not supporting cast.

About Liszt Academy:

The Liszt Academy of Music is a concert hall and music conservatory in Budapest, founded on November 14, 1875. It is home to the Liszt Collection, which features several valuable books and manuscripts donated by Franz Liszt, and the AVISO studio, a collaboration between the Hungarian and Japanese governments to provide sound recording equipment and training for students. The building itself is also famous: the Art Nouveau style building is one of the most well known and most beautiful in Budapest.

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