Gustave Tiger on the 15th Counter Culture
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Oct 27, 2015

Hungarian musicians or bands rarely become known or recognized abroad, but now that’s exactly what happened to Gustave Tiger.

Hungarian music industry seems reviving from its long dream these day. We have already written about Viktor Király’s success in the American Voice, and now we found something interesting on the Rough Trade Records compilation album that comes out on 27th November. The cult compilation album Counter Culture releases 15th time and contains a name that we can hardly believe. And we are not talking about Björk, Jamie xx, Courtney Barnett, Sufjan Stevens, Sleaford Mods or Nils Frahm, but a Hungarian band: Gustave Tiger. The band founded in 2013 plays “secessionist punkrock in alexandrines/insane guitars intertwined with teenage literacy pathos lyrics” according to their own definition. And their latest clip made so big waves around them that even the international music professionals paid attention.

And why is it so big deal to make it to the Counter Culture track list? Rough Trade, who releases the CD is one of the largest independent record labels in Britain and around the world. For example, the first The Smiths album was released here, and in addition to record publishing they also deal with band promotion. They played an important role in popularizing punk, post-punk and the indie pop music. So we really congratulate you guys, making to this album is a huge thing!

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