KIOSK Budapest – visit once and you will always return
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 22, 2015

Our colleague recently decided to begin a girls’ night out with her friends at KIOSK and she didn’t regret it.

‘Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.’ This sentence convinced me to try KIOSK when we were organizing the actual girls’ night out with my friends and they suggested several places where we should begin the outing. Somebody said that KIOSK would be the best choice and – after reading this sentence, their motto – I definitely agreed on that. And I didn’t regret our choice because I felt sympathy with the place right from the first moment we arrived there.

I remember my first impression: ‘how great, spacious and modern it is!’. And after agreeing with me, the girls added that it is really sympathetic that everyone is smiling. So did our waiter who arrived to our table in a couple of minutes with some menu cards. We asked him a lot of things but he was polite, patient and knew to answer of all the ‘what is this and how is it made’ type of questions.

One of our friends is on a lactose-free diet, besides, she can’t eat some type of carbs, so it was really important to get the right information about everything and we absolutely did. It also helps that you can see some small symbols on the menu cards: they mark which dish is vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, etc.

In the end, we had some drinks, cocktails and tasted ‘Foie gras cream with red onion marmalade and warm brioche’ from the menu and we all agreed that everything was really delicious with the right spices and a nicely warm brioche. We continued the night with discovering some other spots but in the end, we agreed that KIOSK was the best place that we visited this evening and we already plan to return soon.

About KIOSK Budapest

KIOSK Budapest is a metropolitan meeting point where you will find the perfect mood adjusted for every time of the day. Whether it's a business lunch or dinner with friends, you will always find what you are looking for. As an extra, their own confectionery provides the restaurant with homemade pastries and homemade ice cream. Their location, suitable for birthdays, corporate events or team building activities, to meet someone for a glass of wine or cocktail, or simply to have just a good time. KIOSK is located at Erzsébet Bridge’s Pest side so it provides a beautiful panorama as an extra.


Did you know?

If you are still looking for a present for somebody, KIOSK has an idea for you: buy a gift card with any value you like, that can be used here later. Or maybe you still don’t know where to spend New Year’s Eve? Well, you can celebrate it here, as well, at their I love Budapest New Year’s Eve party. Get in the festive spirit with KIOSK Budapest!

KIOSK Budapest

Address: 5th district, Március 15 Square 4.


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