When ethno meets coloring trend
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Feb 5, 2016

Ethnographic Museum of Budapest published its first own ethno pattern coloring book.

It seems coloring trend doesn’t want to fade away. It has been 2 years at least that every trendy city dweller purchased at least one coloring book and the equipment needed. Nothing shows more the size of the trend than the fact that searching on “coloring books” on amazon.com we got almost 122,000 results. By the way, appearance of coloring books is a slice of a phenomenon called the “Peter Pan Market”. This means that objects and activities that were once exclusively bound to the child's age are becoming more and more popular among adults.

Recently, Ethnographic Museum of Budapest has opened toward the modern technology and current culture trends. They selected three drawings from their picture archive: pen drawings of a drinking vessel (the so called “csanak”), a horn’s carving and a chair’s richly carved cover – and you have to just click, print and color. But why is this coloring thing good? It turns you off, calms, relaxes, and if it doesn’t, you still have the opportunity to doodle over the whole thing like crazy. But if it managed well, show us: post with #etnocolor hashtag and impress us.

The cover photo depicts a chair’s lid, Balázs Csete’s pen drawing from 1944. (And the editor’s very creative coloring. Half.) The high-resolution images can be found here.

Balázs Csete: drinking vessel and the spread pattern of the “csanak”, pen drawing

Balázs Csete: horn pattern, pen drawing

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