10 photos: Budapest as you’ve never seen before
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 17, 2016

Colours and lights make Mark Mervai’s photos of Budapest so fascinating.

Sometimes words are unnecessary, because a photo can tell you more than a thousand words. That’s what I felt when I first saw Mark Mervai’s pictures, shot through the last five years, searching for the perfect moment and the perfect lights over Budapest.

‘For me, the most beautiful moment is when the sun comes up the horizon and the day begins with a couple of colourful minutes. Also the last lights of the day for me symbolize a special moment, a “thank you” from nature for a beautiful day’ – the photographer says about his inspiration.

This is not the first time when Mark Mervai’s photos raise international media-attention. For example, his photos from the Normafa covered by ice were published on Boredpanda.com in March last year, and his pictures shot in an old, abandoned and dilapidated soviet army base got special attention, too.

In Hungary, some people are fascinated by his photos, and they like his newest pictures showing the beauty of Budapest, too, but some folks say that these works are photoshopped. Well, in my opinion, PhotoShop is for correcting photos, not for creating lights and colours. So I think that Mark Mervai’s pictures deserve to be liked by all of those who love Budapest and want to see the real beauty of our capital.

Photos: markmervaiphotography.wordpress.com

Did you know? Mark Mervai’s latest photos of Budapest were also published by French, German, Turkish and Japanese websites.

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