Wow: a wolf cub was spotted in Hungary
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 11, 2020

The forester who spotted the baby wolf says that it was not the first time that he saw wolves in the nature but he could not film them – until now.

It is not unusual that wild animals are seen in Hungary. Every year, brown bears come to the Bükk National Park from Slovakia, but you could have read also about lynxes and wolves in some areas of the North Hungarian Mountains.

By mentioning wolves, well, it happened a couple of days ago that a forester, Balázs Szívós saw a wandering wolf cub in the Bükk Mountains.

The forester saw the baby wolf alone, the mother was not present, and he had a couple of seconds to film the cub. Then he shared this special video on his Facebook page, reported.

This was not the first time he spotted wolves in the Bükk Mountains, but he could not film them previously. The exact location where he saw the cub remains the forester’s secret, to protect the animals.

In Hungary, there are only 20-60 wolves living in the wild in Hungary, which means 6-7 packs wandering around in the Northern Hungarian Mountains. If you see wolves in the nature, don’t be scared because they usually avoid humans, so that’s the best thing you, too, should do in the wild.


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