Belgian Beer Festival
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · May 15, 2014

The largest Hungarian festival of Belgian beers will be held again this weekend, from May 16 to 18.

This time in the Bálna Budapest (“Whale” Budapest), where it’s possible to consume both covered and open space, and enjoy the occasional sunshine or the pleasant climate of the interior room. How to imagine the atmosphere? As you can see on last years’ video, like this:

This year's Belgian Beer Festival offers plenty of novelties. Introduces the newest member of the popular Delirium series, Deliria, made by women. For the hops lovers the organizers bring the Hopus Primeur and the Duvel Tripel Hop 2014 edition. Naturally, besides the novelties, the popular classics cannot be missing either. The visitors can sample more than 150 kinds of beer (including 50 beers on tap) from 31 Belgian breweries. To give you a little help, here comes the top 5 that I loved in the past few years.

Delirium Tremens Red Cherry 8.5%

Although women must try the pineapple, honey, or mango-flavored beers, this Delirium Red is my classic favorite. During the preparation the beer is mixed with natural cherry juice then aged for months in cherries.

Bush Ambree 12%

One of the strongest beers in the world and in Belgium. Although the taste of the alcohol dominates, strong fruity and floral scent is noticeable. It’s even enjoyable for a no beer-fan women like I am, even if it’s belongs the toughest category.


La Cré Tonnerre Pale Ale with rum 7%

My first reaction to this combination was shock. It’s strange, but when we feel this complex flavor, it’s really pleasant. This is an extremely sweet flavored beer with a nice aftertaste, which is initially sweet but bitter finally.

Corsendonk Agnus Dei 7,5% Abbey Pale Ale

A classic style beer, but it stands out from the known. Corsendonk has sophisticated delicacy with muscatel flavor which is associated with apple aroma as well. This is recommended for those who love the classic, slightly bitter beers.

Floris Chocolat wheat beer 4,2%

Belgium’ two masterpieces: beer and chocolate in the same bottle. The taste is neither chocolate nor beer, but the love child of them. I love the intense smell of chocolate and the fact that Belgians put chocolate into something where no one else would.


16-18th May 2014


For beer lovers: 2.800 HUF (which contains 3 glasses of beer and thefestival's official glass)

For beer adorers: 4.000 HUF (5 glasses of beer + glass)


Bálna Budapest, 1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12.

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