Posted by Eszter Hermann · Nov 9, 2014

Visit the Hungarian Railway Museum and its huge park between 14-16 November and experience Hungary’s latest, most original gastronomic sensation.

Delicious pork dishes, freshly made sausages and interactive programs – that’s what Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival offers on 100 000 m² for 3 days. Each day, organizers will prepare a variety of family and adult programs like petting zoo with numerous animals or presenting indigenous Hungarian species (racka sheep, mangalitsa, grey cattle, etc.).


This year, all of the pig breeds can be seen at the renovated Water Tower Park. Organizers arrange a huge farmers market: wine street, pálinka street, arts and crafts street, folk art street and a sausage village as well. Every day, there will be a live pig slaughter (free of blood and pig cries, of course) with meat processing demonstrations held in the evening to start the night programs. Therefore it’s not only a perfect occasion to eat the best meat products of Hungarian gastronomy, but also to witness the centuries-old ritual of a Hungarian pig slaughter, in a sophisticated way.


In addition, you can also take a walk in Europe’s largest railway history park where you can see almost 100 railway monuments: steam engines, locomotives, rail cars, what’s more, visitors will also have the opportunity to ride an actual steam engine. Not behind the engine in a wagon but sitting next to the train driver.

Date: 14-16 November 2014

Place: Hungarian Railway Museum, 95 Tatai Street, 1142 Budapest

Tickets: for adults: 2500 HUF; for kids (under age 14): 1500 HUF

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